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My Passion. My Reason. My Life. - John-John Tarrayo

(A SkinnyGuy Production)

So this is the third video of my series called My Passion. My Reason. My Life. This series is pretty much self explanatory. Basically I will be going around NYC or whoever I can get in contact with making these type of videos of everyone’s passion. I’m trying to encourage people to do what they love doing the most and not having family, enemies, or whoever get in the way from doing what you are most passionate about. I hope these videos will give you that confident to pursue it. Well I hope you enjoy it =] I want to thank John-John for taking part of this film.

John-John T.’s Contact

Youtube -

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Music Used:
Chris Brown - Perfume (In my Zone)

Equipment Used:

Camera - (1) Canon 7D

Lens - 24-70mm 2.8L

(1) Tripod

-Zurisaddai Corona, Jr (@zurisaddai)

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